Company founded in 2016, AL-NOOR SMD SCREENS is specialized in LED SMD screens manufacturing and Supplying in all over the Pakistan. We are providing the quality products including indoor SMD screens and outdoor SMD screens as well. Over these years, AL-NOOR SMD SCREENS has been not only concentrating in researching the best products for Pakistani environment and local market, sales and services, but also committing to providing customers with comprehensive solutions with backup support service to ensure the product quality and client trust.

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Difference between SMD Screens Models
Outdoor Models
P10 Outdoor (Minimum View Distance 10 meters)
P8 Outdoor (Minimum View Distance 08 meters)
P6 Outdoor (Minimum View Distance 06 meters)
P5 Outdoor (Minimum View Distance 05 meters)
P4 Outdoor (Minimum View Distance 04 meters)
P3 Outdoor (Minimum View Distance 03 meters)

Indoor Models
P5 Indoor (Minimum View Distance 05 meters)
P3 Indoor (Minimum View Distance 03 meters)
P2.5 Indoor (Minimum View Distance 2.5 meters)
P1.8 Indoor (Minimum View Distance 1.8 meters)